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Maintenance Free Vinyl Deck

How Maintenance Free Vinyl Deck can increase the appeal of your house

Vinyl decking is a long-lasting option compared to wood decking due to its resistance to water and stains damage. It has low maintenance compared to traditional wood decking since it does not require sealing, staining, or painting. Cleaning your vinyl decking at a minimum of twice a year with a tender detergent is all you require to do to keep it appealing and prevent mold, stains, and mildew.

Below are some of the vinyl decking maintenance tips:

Hose off your deck

Any dirt that you have uncovered needs to be rinsed off, but before you blow up your pressure washer grab your hose. Unless there is a serious coat of dirt, a typical hose can do the work just fine. For balky dirt, take a push broom and use it to push dirt and water off the deck.

Sweep the decking

Dirt, grass, and leaves can stick to your vinyl deck, making it glassy and leaving a residue behind that can stain the deck surface. A fast blast or sweep with a leaf blower can get rid of the debris before it begins causing a stain on your deck. It is advisable to carry out a second or third sweep if your area experiences strong winds; since this will accumulate more dirt on your deck.

Overall cleaning of your decking

Once you have cleared of stains and debris, it is good to slowly scrub your vinyl deck to get rid of any sign of debris or stains. You will not require any detergent or cleaner to clean a vinyl layer, only a little water, and a soft-bristle brush. It is advisable not to use household or commercial cleaners since they can leave a residue that can change the look and performance of your vinyl decking.

Inspect your deck surface

Summer is a great time to inspect your vinyl decking for any dirt or debris left on the surface so that you can take action to get rid of before winter.

Avoid scraping your decking

When washing your deck, dragging furniture, or removing snow, it is good to avoid scraping or damaging the deck surface. You should not scrape your deck with sharp objects, instead, get rid of snow using a plastic snow shovel making sure you keep your decking surface appearing great.

A well-cared and maintained vinyl decking will last longer, protect the underlying structure for many years, and make a house more appealing to the owner or the buyer. So, take care of your decking. In case you are working with an aged deck you might want to consider upgrading to a new deck flooring cover to brace your home. Check out for our professional decking company and we will help you get a vinyl decking that meets your needs and budget. We have been professionally designing vinyl decks for years and can make you a deck that surpasses your expectations.